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Life@Profesyst: We believe that Life at Profesyst leaves you a better person than you first walked through our doors. Our culture is all about providing everyone who works here with the opportunities to exercise their responsibility, integrity & creativity while growing themselves, their careers and our business.


Profesyst is built on bringing together highly talented people in a creative and collaborative environment. Together we overcome challenges by making even the most insurmountable tasks enjoyable and rewarding. We are proud of our reservoir of qualified and experienced people and open culture where everybody receives an opportunity to participate in crucial business decisions. Openness, for us, means that we encourage and support employees in questioning what we do and how we do it. All employees are provided an environment where they can push their boundaries, and voice their concerns without fear.


Profesyst provides an exciting and stimulating work environment and opportunities to its employees. The management is committed to provide an exponential professional growth for all its employees in all functional areas. An exciting and open work environment has helped build a strong sense of ownership in all of us at Profesyst. Harnessing the true potential of each employee and contributing it directly to the growth of the company is the way of life at Profesyst.


We have instituted various awards and other forms of recognition for employees who demonstrate commitment and hard work while performing their goals. The governing theme in our organization is the well being of our employees.

Learning @ Profesyst

Learning and Development is one of the most happening activities in Profesyst. From classroom facilitations to interactive workshops and knowledge sharing forums, we run a gamut of professional and personal development initiatives. Training of employees in the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains ensures steady growth of the organization and the employee alike. Our learning and development initiatives cover training in technologies, domains, leadership, behaviour, communication skills, and personal enhancement.


Enjoy technology and learning: We give an exposure to advanced technologies. Our employees enjoy working with cutting edge technologies and learning latest advancements in technology. Our goal is for individuals to reach their full potential and give their best. We provide an environment conducive for our employees to take up the fresh challenges in the ever-changing world market. We have a year-round training and development program wherein we encourage our employees to voice new ideas and create an atmosphere of shared learning.


Self-study is encouraged through articles, material and references posted on the internal website. Internal communication is maintained. Our employee newsletter that keeps us posted on the latest happenings in the organization. It also acts as a forum for budding writers and scribes that want to share their thoughts. We are close to initiating internal blogs, where topics are discussed threadbare.


Every recruit in Profesyst undergoes extensive induction, process management and domain specific training. Trainee engineers are trained by dedicated mentors before they are allocated projects to work on.

Employee Testimony
  • "Profesyst is a much focused company and is very clear about its vision and mission. I have always had opportunities and challenges beyond my current role to prove myself and achieve greater heights"

    (Anil G - Design Engineer)

  • "Profesyst is a great place to work! Here is a list of reasons why: Family friendly, flexible work schedules, suggestions for changes are received openly, easy to implement changes, great co-workers, friendly environment, lots of training opportunities"

    (Seena G - Sr. Design Engineer)

  • "The positive atmosphere at PROFESYST was noticeable at all levels. People smiled; people were helpful; people were upbeat; people were genuine. Flex time, atmosphere, and additional learning...The laid back atmosphere is great… Having interned here, I saw first hand how great the work environment really was."

    (Archana - Sr. Consultant)

  • "Joining Profesyst has been one of the best decisions of my life! Since joining, I have had several challenging and exciting opportunities to lead a variety of projects. My job allows me the unique opportunity to work with diverse people, both locally and globally.".

    (Vivek D, Project Manager)

  • it has been a pleasure to be working with a team of creative, innovative, and enthusiastic people all this while. Profesyst has always provided me with various avenues to grow from strength to strength. An open work culture that provides employees with a platform to learn and share has helped me work towards my goals.

    (Rohan K, Associate Manager)

Current Openings

Profesyst has a work environment that promotes diversity, embraces change, and provides leadership opportunities to every team member. We are on a fast track within the Design & Engineering industry and are seeking highly skilled professionals to take us even further.


So if you are looking to make a move and are a highly motivated professional who welcomes new challenges, take a look at Profesyst. We have your next GREAT OPPORTUNITY!

  • Skills Required : Creo / Catia / UniGraphics / SolidWorks
  • Work Experiencs : 06 Months to 2 Years
  • Qualifaction : DME / BE (Mech / IP/ Auto)
  • Location : Pune / Mumbai / Bangalore

Please email your CVs with the name of the CAD tool in the subject line to

    Profesyst Consulting (P) Ltd
  • +91 80688 88801

    Office Location
    Bangalore I Pune I Hyderabad I Chennai I Delhi I Mumbai

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